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The degree at which the sun shines these days requires one to really take great caution about. The sun is the source of life. It provides warmth, energy and vitamin D. The sun is a source of life for man, plants and animal, in the sense that the sun provides us with vitamin D that is essential to help the body absorb calcium and phosphorus, the minerals required for healthy bones and teeth.


But, despite how beneficial the sun is to mankind, it is also a nuclear fire ball that showers the earth with ultraviolet (UV) radiation which poses a negative effect on human lives. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause brown spots, sun burns, wrinkles and skin cancer. The UV rays release free radicals in your body, which damage DNA and lead to the proliferation of cancer cells. While there are plenty of sunscreen products to choose from, here are simple tips and precautions to be followed to stay safe in the sun:


Sun Damaged Skin Treatment

It is possible to have accidentally stepped out in to the sun without any outer protection or even sunscreen, which most people are used to. Many a times, when someone is out without protection, it could lead to severe sun damage on the skin. If you have experienced something like this, you can follow these home remedies for sun damaged skin mentioned below to get instant relief:

  • Splash cold water on the face after returning home to soothe the skin.
  • Apply cold aloe vera gel on the skin in massaging motion so that it gets soaked into the skin.


  • Apply a cooling rose water or nonalcoholic ph balanced toner to give final relief to the skin.
  • Try not to go out in the direct sun for at least 24 hours.

Some Other Effective Tips on Skin Protection from Sun:

Cucumber Face Pack:


Face packs can get your skin back on its feet after sun damage. If you do feel that the harsh sun rays have damaged your skin severely, then try mint or cucumber masks. During this process, use an eye gel mask. Before using, cool it by keeping in the normal freezer and notice the change.

Lemon Juice and Glycerine:


During the night time, you can use some lemon juice mixed with glycerine. It acts as a natural de-tan remedy for fair skin that was earlier damaged by sun.

These simple tips will protect your skin from the harsh effects of the sun.

Written By Ugochi Obiajunwa

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