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Whether you’re wearing a nude shade or you’re braving a fuchsia color, there’s nothing more frustrating than leaving your house with a perfect pout and needing to adjust and reapply an hour after two sips of coffee and some snacks.


Achieving a long lasting matte lipstick finish can be done through blotting the lipstick applied with tissue to absorb shine or any glossy feel to it and gently applying another light coat to finish off matte or in these super easy steps:


  1. Cleanse/prepare lips making sure it’s rid of dead skin and well moisturized.
  2. Apply liner and lipstick as usual.
  3. Dip lip brush in translucent powder lightly and dust this all over the lips (over the lipstick application) and gently smack (lips together to distribute powder evenly)
  4. Apply lipstick again.
  5. Use a single-ply of tissue and translucent powder to set lipstick.
  6. Add highlighter to your cheeks—matte lips pair well with glowy skin
  7. Top up with a lip gloss, which gives the matte lipstick a long lasting feel.


This mattifies it instantly and you’re ready to take on the day with long lasting lips in whatever colour you want and no matter the type of product used.

Written By Ugochi Obiajunwa



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