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Mariah Carey, Katy Perry, DJ Khaled, Diplo and DJ Kaskade are set to perform during the launch of a new livestream app, called BeApp.
DJ Khaled Mariah Carey Katy Perry
Live streaming has recently received a higher reception from social media app users, due to the Coronavirus pandemic forcing a lockdown all over the world. It has been able to build a bridge between celebrities and fans, and also between friends. It allows fans and friends with live activities, from the favourite celebrities or friends, while being in lockdown.
The new livestreamer app, BeApp is set to launch later today, and would feature a number of performances from some music superstars, with DJ Kaskade starting the sessions with a live set from the Grand Canyon today, at 9 p.m. EST.
BeApp was founded by Ray Smith and Ross Mason. According to them, BeApp was focused on bringing global access for listeners in areas where artists don’t often perform, but now that concerts at large have stopped, the need has expanded greatly.

“I remember when we first launched, people asked ,’Who’s going to sit at home and watch a live music experience on their laptop or phone?’ You fast forward to over a decade later and it’s become the new norm,” Smith says. “We started BeApp at the advent of COVID, and we were doing a lot of stuff with Be At TV in the live festival streaming space. People say we’ve been moving quickly, but there’s a lot of institutional knowledge that helped us respond and react quickly to create this new platform.”

Diplo perform at the same time on Friday and DJ Khaled and friends will perform on Saturday at 7 p.m. EST. All the shows, which will be performed through Coca Cola’s Coke Studio Sessions, are set to be free.

The series would feature 11 episodes with various special guests and DJ Khaled would be performing in 11 of them,  According to Rolling Stone, BeApp will also air a re-creation of Lin Manuel Miranda’s  complete with new inspired compositions written by Miranda. Other special guests would be announced later.



By Muyiwa aguda

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