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DMX hit the set of the upcoming ‘Chronicle of a Serial Killer’ movie this week. Since his release from prison earlier this year, DMX has been looking to pick up where he left off.

He’s been cast in a thriller called Chronicle Of A Serial Killer as one of the lead detectives tracking down the titular villain. He’ll be starring alongside Brendan Sexton and Tara Reid and the film is directed by Steve Stanulis. Stanulis said of casting DMX: “When my casting director suggested DMX it immediately resonated with me as a perfect fit. I have no doubt he is going bring a different dynamic to the role and I’m excited to have him part of this talented cast. I’m looking forward to working with him and everyone else this summer.”dmxDMX, of course, has a fairly extensive acting career including Romeo Must Die, Exit Wounds, Fresh Off the Boat, and much more.