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Guy chases girl for weeks, girl agrees to the date. They are so much in love. Few months down the line, he begins to drift away like a canoe that is not paddled. However, he still claims to love you.

Meanwhile, the major reason he does not have your time is because he has other side chics who he is also dating. In fact, you may be the side chic.

Clearly, you see the signs that he is cheating but you ignore them because you love him so much and you cannot live without him.

cheaterYou might have heard girls say I do not mind if he cheats as far as he takes good care of me.  In other words, you can ignore a cheating partner for material comfort. This is balderdash.

Ridiculously, you have caught him several times enjoying himself in bed with another girl. But you allowed him to serenade you and you eventually take him back. You are simply encouraging him to cheat more and he knows that you will forgive him anytime he goes out of his way to cheat.

The truth is that guys have the tendency to cheat and they know deep down that cheating is wrong. But, when they begin to think with the ‘thing’ in-between their legs, they call their side chics. Of course, the job of the side chic is to give them sexual satisfaction. That is all.

After this, they become sober and return to you. They will take you out and do things they have never done before. However, they will never tell you that they cheated. The reason they are doing all this is because they feel guilty.

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Regardless, this does not stop them from returning to their side chic to get sexual satisfactions and favours.

Why don’t you just extinguish him from your life and let him go? Why don’t you abandon the juicy and sweet things he offers you and tell him off. Why don’t you try to arrange yourself, work hard, earn some cool cash and stop relying on a guy to provide for your needs?

But no, you will place your already insecure future in the hands of a cheat. Very soon he will be sleeping with a woman right in front of you and you will be unable to utter a word. You are already stuck.

Don’t be that girl.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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