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Women really are an enigma to the male species. Nice guys have spent many centuries pretending like we know what goes on in the minds of the women around us, but I guess it’s time I come clean…

We have no clue.

Men have some kind of understanding of what other men are thinking. That’s not to say that we always agree with them or even empathize in many situations. But we do understand.

But with women? Not a clue…. So one thing that still boggles the mind is why women take so much time to say no to the guys they have no interest in?

So why do women “lead these guys on?” we ask? Well I asked a few people and heard responses like;

– He’s just too nice to be treated in a bad way.

– He’s very emotional and I don’t want to hurt him.

– I don’t care really, he was just there and I didn’t ask him for anything.

– I tried to give him a hint that nothing was happening, but he didn’t seem to get it.

It was funny as they smiled recounting these stories, but we did find that girls just want to be appreciated, wanted and fussed over. They want the regular calls, heart warming text messages, the flattery, flirting, attention and care. So they just enjoy the nice guys company until that day when his come-ons become too much and have to say; “what the hell, No, I can’t go out with you”.

Sometimes the persistent nice guy eventually gets the girl, but usually she gets bored of all the late night calls and texts so sweet diabetics would be weary of them.

You see, women love attention and if you want her to notice you, it’s all well and good to bombard all her senses with sweetness and romance, but if you don’t change gears after a short while, you may end up in the zone of no return, “the friend Zone”.

Women will lead guys on because it’s in their programming, they don’t intend to hurt you or even realize they are doing it (Well some girls anyway), guys learn young that if you want something, you go get it, cause it ain’t sprouting wings and fluttering over. But girls on the other hand, learn that if something good comes their way, they do what they can to keep it around as long as possible.

Nice Guys need to learn that too much of any thing can get quite sickening, “the perfect man” could turn out to be “the annoying man” if the term moderation is not applied.

A story that covers the mind set of a woman goes like this; a little girl goes home crying about how a boy in her class kept bullying her. Then the mother kneels down next to her and with a loving warm smile says something like “sweetie, it’s alright. Tommy does those mean things because he doesn’t know any other way to show you that he likes you”.

And that explained so much to me, because if you think about it, the sweet boy who defended her or helped her get the gum out of her hair was not the guy she ended up with. She remembers the bad boy and the good boy gets sidelined. So this is just a rough summation, but basically the women in our lives want the bad boys, but keep the good boys around out of necessity. I mean who else is gonna come over at 11 p.m. with a box of tissues, tubs of blue bunny ice cream, a large pizza and a warm smile?

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