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My good Nigerian people, I have a question for you? I know you watch those Hollywood movies and you travel to exotic places and you enjoy meals at different times and places. But my question is, do Nigerians actually eat soup? Not pepper soup oh, I mean different exotic and intercontinental soups.


There are over a hundred soup recipes worldwide and our only choice is pepper soup? Damn! Look ehn, here are some soup you can actually make all by yourself with some helpful descriptions from us. Just ask Google for recipe.

  1. Basic Chicken Soup (chicken pepper soup, with no pepper)
  2. Chicken Dumpling (you cut the chicken funny)
  3. Parsnip-Bacon (put veggies and bacon in your pepper soup)
  4. Spicy Dumpling (oyibo pepper soup with that funny cut chicken)
  5.  Fish Chowder (fish pepper soup, with no pepper)
  6.  Sweet Potato Soup (pepper soup, but with potato. and not a pepper in sight)
  7.  Curried Sweet Potato (see above)
  8.  Split Pea (lol, we have no idea)
  9. Chedda (for the cheese fans out there. Sort of like drinking magarita pizza)


It’s the last day of the long holiday. Try something new- switch it up! You  won’t regret it.

(Well you might sha, cos oyibo soup might not be your thing. But hey, at least you did something new!)


Written by Efe Ohworakpo

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