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In Egypt, doing the #InMyFeelingsChallenge could land you in prison. Yes, you heard right, prison. The #InMyFeelingsChallenge that was intended to be a just a harmless dance challenge has for some funny reason evolved to people jumping out of moving cars and dancing.

According to Ahram Online, Egypt’s Interior Ministry says doing the dance is okay for fun, but any obstruction of traffic resulting from the viral dance challenge carries a potential fine of 3,000 pounds that is about 1,400,000 naira and a year in prison.

Even Shiggy that created the viral dance has set the record straight that that’s not what the dance challenge is about. “#InMyFeelingsChallenge is not about getting out of a moving car!” he wrote on his Instagram story earlier this week.#InMyFeelingsChallenge

Egypt isn’t the only place where the dance has caused commotion, According to The National newspaper in Abu Dhabi, prosecutors have ordered the arrest of three “social media influencers” after they posted videos of themselves taking part in the dance challenge. Arrest Warrant were issued on the grounds that ‘the dancing endangered the lives of others and offended public morals.

So be careful everyone everywhere, because really, the dance challenge does not require you to cause any danger to yourself or anyone else, but simply to show off your skills in a safe place.

Even Shiggy has issued a disclaimer via his social media noting that the #InMyFeelings challenge does not require you to jump off a moving car.

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