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Does age matter in a relationship? The verdict is still out. No one can seem to agree whether it does or doesn’t. One thing that’s for sure is that the answer tends to change based on who in the relationship is older or younger i.e. if it’s the man or the woman.

What’s the reason for the double standard? Well, the basis is gender roles. If a man is the younger person in the relationship, will he truly be able to fill traditional positions as “the head of the family” and as the “provider”? While for the woman, questions surrounding her ability or willingness to submit arise. Now let’s bring it home: in a society like ours, where age begets automatic respect, the above becomes quite murky.

Priyanka chopra and nick jonas

Women who find themselves in relationships where they are older, hardly ever disclose the age difference between them and their significant other. And for fair reasons too. Amebos (busybodies) won’t let you be great and will ask a slew of questions around the dynamics of your relationship, automatically assuming the relationship is void of respect and that if the man makes any requests, that he is met with defiance or haughtiness. Which is just absolutely ridiculous.

Of course, when men date younger women, for the most part, no one cares about the age difference. Unlike in the above scenario, the man can easily play all traditional gender roles and in addition, has the respect that comes with age. It seems to work out perfectly for him, as many things in life do.

So tell us, does age matter in a relationship and does it affect gender roles?


By: Oladotun Adio

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