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Yep I said it, Trump beat Hillary at last night’s debate. The Republican Presidential nominee who has been all over the news in recent times for evading tax, insulting women as been cheap and all sorts has turned his bad press into an opportunity, stacking the odds in his favor.


The debate whichwas  held in St Louis in the Washington Universtity had Trump stating that despite his lewd remarks about women he had great respect for women. He continued:

I am not proud of it, I apologize to my family. I apologize to the American People.

A video recently leaked that saw him confessing to instances where he tried to force himself on women sexually and even tried to seduce a married woman. He also stated that he couldn’t help himself from touching women but it was fine because he ‘is a star’. Trump’s comments brought a lot of negative reactions from party members with over 16 Congress men and governors withdrawing their support. Trump however turned it around lashing back at Hillary calling Bill Clinton the worse pervert who sexually molested Monica Lewinsky saying

Mine are words, his were actionBill Clinton was abusive to women and Hillary Clinton attacked those women.

Then came the sordid revelations as Trump presented three accusers Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddick, Kathleen Willey who all accused Former President Bill Clinton, Hilary’s husband of sexual molestation with Broaddick establishing the fact that the former President raped her and to cover up for it Hillary Clinton threatened to end her career. Talk about gory- seems like both candidates have a vile past.

Trump even dropped the “J” word threatening to send Hilary to jail if he ever becomes the President of United States of America, stating that he would get a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton use of her private e-mail server while working as the secretary of state to President Barack Obama.

So with all the cards on the table with both contestants having scored points for their Strong Persona, Intelligence, Vile Past who will you be voting for if you had the chance and why?

Written by Kike Olowu

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