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Since Chance the Rapper donated 1 million dollars to public schools in Chicago, his philanthropic exploits have not gone unnoticed, as his fans have called on him to run for Mayor’s office in his home state of Chicago in 2019.

Chance the rapper1

These enthusiastic fans of the grammy award-winning star launched a website- chano4mayor.com urging Chance to challenge the current mayor Rahm Emanuel and run for the mayor’s office in 2019 in Chicago. They also launched an accompanying Twitter account @chano4mayor2k19 and hashtag #ChanoForMayor.

A statement on the website reads: “We love your music—we’ve been following your career from the first 10 days. We also love the work you’ve done to give back to the city that raised you. You represent Chicago on the world stage, and you do us proud.

Chance the rapper

Bea Malsky, one of the page creators said: “We would be very happy if he ran and if he doesn’t, we would be very happy if he would become more politically involved and he endorsed a candidate who stands up for the same things that he stands up for in his music.”

Interestingly, Drake has also encouraged the 23-year-old rapper to run by endorsing him for the seat.

Chance does clean up nicely in a suit though…

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