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Written by Oluwatoyin Adeleye

Veteran Nollywood actor, Saint Obi has pleaded with Nigerians not to be too quick in judging celebrities whose marriages have failed.

According to the actor, Nigerians should not be too quick to judge celebrity failed marriages because they won’t understand the dynamics that operate in their homes.

The actor explained how each home’s dynamics differ and situations always provoke counter reactions, in a recent interview.

See all he said:

“Firstly, I must say that violence is not good. But sometimes, when it comes to issues about crashed marriages and stuffs like that, what I always say is that ‘don’t be too quick to judge’, because until you get married, I know you are, you won’t understand the dynamics that operate in homes.

“What works for Mr ‘A’ or Miss ‘A’ may not work for Mr ‘B’ and Miss ‘B’. So, things lead to things; but my advice is that rather than become violent, maybe you walk away or maybe give each other some space.

“Sometimes some artistes push the other to the extreme, I say sometimes, not always. So, it is just the ability for one to understand when he is being pushed overboard, and control that urge to go overboard because some people can be terrible, and some people can be nice.

“So, I will never advise anybody to be violent no matter the situation; but some people push people to the extreme.”

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