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PrintYes, we have all been there- buying each and every makeup product that we see and realizing that we actually don’t need to have a dozen eye shadow palettes, different shades of blush or even three different brands of highlighters and not to mention all the different contour kits that we tend not to hold back on.

Knowing that we are in recession, now would be a better time to start doubling up on the products we have and putting them to multiple use.

For those of us that have an unhealthy obsession with buying every eye shadow palette that comes out here are a few tips to saving up by doubling on their use:

  1. When taking a look at your palette a matte dark brown eye shadow can double up for a contour colour or even used to fill in your brows, I personally have used Mac eye shadow in “embark” and MUD eyeshade in “espresso”
  2. When combing through your palette check for that pink shimmery eye shadow and double its use as a nice powder blush
  3. we all can’t afford that expensive highlighter that has all youtubers raving about so find a light gold shimmery eye shadow that can serve as your highlight
  4. Your favorite red lipstick that you love so much can double up as a cream blush I bet you didn’t know that
  5. So you’re getting ready for work and you want a neutral eye look then your face powder can double as an eye shadow
  6. If you’re looking for a nice eye shadow base your concealer can double as an eye shadow base
  7. And for those that have that matte favorite lip pigment it can double up as liner to create that colorful wing liner

Next time you’re walking down the makeup isle be sure to pick products that can serve more than one use. Happy savings!!!

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