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Written by Alex Chiejina

Finally, the time has come for the long awaited NYSC Batch A Stream II to begin their journey towards serving their fatherland. Prospective corps members are getting ready to brace the heat, sardine like accommodation and the raw nature of the soldiers. While all these are on your mind, it is easy to forget these fundamental items that will help make the 3 weeks more enjoyable. Or at least less frustrating:


This cannot be emphasized any further. Without your documents, there is no camp. Period.

Get all the registration documents together to reduce frustration possibility of rejection at camp. Here they are: Statement of Results, Call-up letter, NYSC Green Card, Passport Photographs (20 white and red backgrounds each), Medical Licenses.

2. Flashlight (and Batteries)

There wouldn’t be constant light and you want to make sure you find all you need and not step into places you don’t want.

3. Mosquito net.

Need I say why?

4. Bucket

5. Toiletries.

6. Towels.

7. 2 White shorts (at least).

8. Tennis Shoes.

You will be given one but it’ll very likely wear and tear very easily.

9. Cash.

Except you will never visit Mami market.

10. An open mind.

Without these, it will be very difficult to adjust to the stress that comes with living in camp. If you’re going to a place where you most likely don’t want to be, then why be sad and down and multiply the torture? Go and have a good time. You’ll look back and laugh at all the silliness that came with it.

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