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It’s hard to accept the truth when you really like someone. A one-sided relationship isn’t easy trust us we’ve all been through it. People’s feelings change with time. Maybe it’s a crush or a partner, but he’s no longer interested. Here are the signs he wants you to leave him alone.

He takes ages to reply to you

When you text him, he takes hours to text back. He’s even online during that time but doesn’t take a second to read what you have to say. If he really liked you, he would respond because he cares.

One worded texts

Ah yes, the one-worded text. Okay, we all send one-worded texts every now and then if we’re busy, but if he’s consistently only replying with one-worded answers and not asking you any questions, then it’s time you left him alone.

He doesn’t open up to you

For a couple to connect on an emotional level, they must share deep feelings with each other and connect with one another. But he’s stopped talking to you about anything intimate going on in his life. He keeps the conversation very minimal and basic.

You feel something is off

 You’re not stupid; you feel that something isn’t right between you. Of course, there could be other reasons why. But if you notice multiple signs, then ask yourself if he really likes you.


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