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Rufai Zakari’s art mimics traditional paintings, using recycled materials to re-imagine his female subjects as living lives of luxury, in contrast to their actual lives, which he seeks to transform by revealing the women’s inner beauty and vibrancy.

Rufai Zakari is exhibiting at ARTXLAGOS.COM with Nubuke Foundation.

ART X Lagos 2020 ends today, don’t miss out on this and over 200 artworks on ARTXLAGOS.COM



In case you missed it yesterday,  ART X Live happened yesterday and they gave us a  Special Performance Film Titled ‘Like Someone’s Watching’

Watch Oxlade, Tomi Owó, King Jesse Uranta  and DJ Camron as they spoke to their aspirations for liberation and self-determination in this present moment.

Featured in the film is Oxlade’s hit ‘Away’, which was just named one of the 50 Best Songs of 2020 by  Rolling Stone.

Visit ARTXLAGOS.COM/LIVE or click here to watch the film.

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