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See ehn, the primary issue to address here is the audio.

D’banj’s Superstar, comes off as a purposeful piece with the intention to express gratitude for a decade of accomplishments. But the melody is off. The song writing was not given enough literary depth to give us a piece of Dbanj’s mind or even suggest that he wholeheartedly feels like he needs to pause and say Baba God Oshey ohh. It could have at least made us feel like he had some sort of epiphanical reminder to shoutout to Jah. (And yes I realise epiphanical isn’t a word but I’m upset so just allow me). Instead, this song sounds more like he stepped into the studio by accident was like ‘ahh, well I’m here, make I just do one thank God song’.

Untitled 2

Concerning the visuals, we applaud that nostalgic trip down memory lane where he displays a couple of classic Kokomaster relics to Jimmy such as the white shades from the ‘Why Me’ video, the white sleeveless jacket at the Afcon performance and that remarkable moment where Kanye West took of his chain and put it on Dbanj. Good stuff, but after those brief moments, it is back to the scenes that we did not necessarily come for. Take for example the aerial display of the plush neighbourhood and Dbanj walking through a clean and fine atmosphere. The whole scene was nice, calming- in fact, serene. That’s the word I’m looking for- D’banj gave us serenity. The problem is…




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