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Hello Guys, hope your week has been going super well.

We all love our Nigerian celebrities and with the social media frenzy these days, it is easier than ever to keep up with them. However, sometimes we can’t help but ‘SMH’ at some of the things they do.

Here, are the most annoying things Nigerian celebrities do:


RELATIONSHIP FLAUNTING: Uhm, don’t get me wrong. I’m not hating or anything. You can post pictures of your boo. That’s fine, but I really don’t see why we need a minute by minute update of how great your relationship is going. It’s not necessary. If you insist on doing this, that’s still okay but please do not ask us to respect your privacy if things go south between you guys. Mbanu, did you respect our own privacy when you were putting your love all up in our own faces? Issa lie, WE were all in the relationship together so we deserve to know why WE are breaking up. Shikena.


FLAUNTING WEALTH: Okay, I think flaunting is a general social media thing and it is not only done by Nigerian celebrities. But guys, I think we all know your life is going great by now. Congratulations. However, we do not need to know of every Victoria’s secret bra or new red bottoms you buy. You already update us when there’s a new whip or house and how thankful you are to God for this new feat. Yes, we are thankful for you as well. I don’t know why your bra and new lashes or Calvin Klein boxers is making its way into this testimony as well. Some of you go as far as lying to have things you don’t really have; please, it’s not that deep okay?


FAKE DESIGNERS:  This one is just ridiculous. Why on earth would you as a celebrity rock a fake designer product and have the guts to upload it on social media? Haba, when you know all of us on the gram work for the FBI. We will call you out boo, best believe that. Just humbly, carry your fake stuff in quiet and stay on the low before you will say people are bullies online.


BEEFS: I think international celebrities are worse at this than in Naija sef. So, you cannot just quarrel with somebody and keep it between yourselves? You just have to bring it to twitter or IG. Later, you will be offended when people pick your opponents side over yours and say stuff like “It’s none of our business and you never asked our opinion”. Sorry, but you made it our business when you hit that tweet button. Get over yourself.

Let me stop here before y’all come after me. Anyway, I’m not asking you guys to stop doing all these stuff. Please, by all means continue, it’s what makes my TL interesting anyway.

Written by Ewomazino Gold

IG @zinogold1 / visit www.zinorocks.blogspot.com

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