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The Blind Date. The Set-up. The Pity Date. Call it whatever you want – it’s still how friends try to show us they care about our ongoing search for “the one.” Blind Dates are never easy to go on. In fact, there are tons of ways that a blind date can go wrong

Quality blind dates are hard to come by mostly because both or either parties are unprepared. Hence, we’ve helped collate the Dos and Donts of Blind dating.

Check them out;


1. Do accept a set-up from your good friends. In general, our best friends just want us to be happy, and they know what can make us happy. So trust them.

2. Before you arrange to meet your date face-to-face, make sure you’ve screened him or her by telephone or the internet. You want to find out as much as you can to determine not only what kind of person your date is, but also whether you have enough in common even to get a conversation off the ground.

3. Get a description. Blind dates are awkward enough; don’t make things harder by forgetting to ask how you’ll recognize one another. Get a good description of your date (height, hair color, clothes). You don’t want to start the date by introducing yourself to everyone who walks through the door.

4. Keep things casual and public. A casual cafe can be more comfortable than a formal, upscale restaurant. No matter where you choose to spend your first date, though, stick to public places like a busy park or coffee shop.

5. Offer to split the bill. At least make the offer. It shows that you’re considerate and like to keep things on equal terms.


1. Don’t get picked up at your place. Keep things on neutral ground until you get to know this person. Meet at a mutually selected location so you’ll have your own transportation home.

2.Don’t reveal too much. Try to keep the really personal details to yourself — without coming off like a cold fish.

3. Don’t overdo it. If this is your soul mate and you want to get the relationship off to a good start, be yourself. Don’t try to over-impress with exaggerated tales of your life. Be modest. Be real.

4. Don’t go into the date with preconceived ideas. If your friend mentions that he plays video games, don’t automatically assume that he’s a major gamer. Giving the other person a chance to impress you can be pleasantly surprising. When you leave preconceived notions at the door, you’re free to make up your own mind about the person you’ve just met.

5. Don’t lie. If you decide after the first handshake that you can’t spend another minute on this date, bail out as honestly as possible. In other words, don’t tell a blatantly bogus story about how you suddenly realised you have to pick up a friend from the airport.

There you have it guys. A few tips to help you through the next time your friends tell you that they’ve got “the perfect match” for you. And who knows? Maybe your perfect match really is just on t

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