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Download The Epic December 2020 Digital Cover Here!

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Seasons Greetings beloved and make sure you download the December 2020 Digital Cover with Top Boy DJ Spinall below!



 We’ve reached the end of a tumultuous year.

Keeping in mind those who have suffered a heavy blow, (due to the pandemic and multiple unrests),

this edition of The Cover sums up the whole year and is teeming with articles, tips, tricks, and entertaining shows – aimed at spreading love, light and encouraging all to find that grace to keep calm and carry on. 


Let’s first get into our Cover Star DJ Spinall who is giving us the gift of grace!

DJ Spinall On Having The Gift Of Grace!

A pioneer is someone who develops a new method of achieving something and takes it to new dimensions. Within the disc jockey/musical world, there are several pioneers who have championed genres, showcased new styles, and created sounds that became absolute bangers. 


Suffice it to say, our December 2020 cover star, DJ Spinall aka Top Boy is all that and more! 


With over a decade in the music industry, Top Boy, as he is fondly called, has produced hit albums, made unreal beats, djed at unforgettable raves, and produced fire albums for some of your favorite artistes. 

” Working with Beyoncé was surreal… but the real wow factor was how organized she was. “

Despite the fact that he studied Engineering in a Nigerian university (and that’s 7 years deep)  this scientist fell in love with the arts- fashion and music to be exact. Although his parents were not entirely keen at the start of his journey, the stubborn DJ (his words not mine) has always been surrounded by grace and never gives up easily. 


This definitely worked in his favour because this year he’s shown that he means business! 


“ I just released my fifth studio album, GRACE and my parents couldn’t be prouder”


To know DJ Spinall is to know how passionate he is about music. He lives and breathes it, practically. 


When not in the studio I’m listening to music, I like listening to King Sunny Ade, I listen to Wizkid, and also instrumentals from beatmakers influence me.”


This deep music love and consumption, in turn, fuels his process. This is why many honest artistes would confess that without Spinall’s talent, vision, and contribution to the entertainment industry, music in Nigeria just wouldn’t be the same today.




You just released the GRACE album and the tracklist is fire! Talk us through how you chose the features and the people you collaborated with on this album? 


“I’m just so big on energy. From people whose vibes match certain beats and energies to those who were literally just in the right place at the right time. It all just happened organically”


(For instance, Everytime featuring Kranium.)


“We were all so tired from a whole day of studio work then Kranium walks in, asks me to play him something, and just like that he starts dishing out ad-libs.”


We know you worked with Beyoncé on that Lion King album what was that like? 


“Working with Beyoncé was surreal… but the real wow factor was how organized she was. She spared no detail in describing exactly what she wanted. We had various rooms to work in and in each room, she had a different mood board to properly execute her dream. The whole experience taught me a lot.”




“I love shopping, I love to look good for the ladies *smiles. The most expensive thing I got once I had some cash to spare; definitely my Timberland boots and the most sentimental thing I own has to be my caps!”


This doesn’t come as a surprise at all! DJ Spinall is seldom seen without a cap, even his management company is known as CAP Entertainment, so go figure. 


“So many people think it’s just Ankara caps I wear and that isn’t true. I wear hats of different patterns and textures. Yes, I support African made hats but it’s not just Ankara, for every country I visit, I pick a unique cap ; I have Kente, Aso oke and so many other textures and prints”


 Any advice for hat wearers; 


“Respect the hat, idolize it if you want to but respect and maintain it at all times because anything you put on your head, is your crown.


As we approach the holiday season, the pandemic may have hindered travel plans but we all have a special place we’d love to escape to and so I had to ask…


If you could blink your eyes and be in your favourite place right now, with no stress whatsoever and just pure positivity, where would that place be?”


“… hmmmm… a special place, that is stress free, perfect for relaxation and pure positive vibes??? Why is that sounding like heaven… But I’m not NOT READY TO GO YET OH! *laughs”


Heaven might not be the very next desired destination for Top Boy but at least we enjoyed a glimpse of it at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Ibeju Lekki and it’s important to note that during the course of this interview, the multifaceted DJ was reminded of his celebrity in the most endearing way possible. 


The resort (interview venue) is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos with beautiful water bodies and stunning views all around.  During a cruise Spinall opted to quickly enjoy, he was spotted on the water and ambushed by doting fans who introduced a speaker from nowhere and started playing his song whilst guiding him back to shore.


 The energy was so pure and palpable and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the only way I can describe the GRACE that follows DJ Spinall.


At a time where we all need someone to look up to, DJ Spinall represents the Nigerian dream to the world. No matter the competition and challenges he’s faced in his field, regardless of the constraints and roller coaster of emotions, despite the numerous countries he’s visited, Top Boy has never compromised on his sound and always stays true to his ethnic roots. 


“I will try any genre because I don’t believe in sticking to genres and I’m always on the hunt for who I can work with, so with regards the future;

Expect more music! More fire tunes!”


Not many youth can toe the line of becoming a music veteran within a short span of time but DJ Spinall is right on the mark. It truly is commendable to see how he has managed to stay true to his roots throughout his career whilst also evolving with the times as need be. 


N.B: The GRACE album was released this December and mark my words, will pave even more elevated paths for DJ spinal in 2021.

Be sure to look out for features with Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, Fireboy, Kranium, Omah Lay, BOJ, R2Bees,  and so many more!


By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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