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Remember couple of weeks ago when the internet was buzzing about a potential Drake vs Eminem showdown? Well say goodbye to expecting  any diss track between them now as the Canadian rapper brought out Marshall on stage at his Detroit concert, and the two performed their collaboration ‘Forever’ from the Lebron James  documentary ‘More than a Game’ from 2009.

Drake took out a moment on stage to make a big statement, calling Eminem “the greatest rapper to ever get on the m********* microphone” before bowing at the feet of Eminem himself. Fans attending the show at Joe Lois Arena were surprised by their hometown GOAT when he came through a trap door, with his back to the crowd. The entrance was very dramatic but together they brought the ‘Forever remix’ back to the special moment. ‘It was an honor to share the stage with this man right here’. Em Replied.


drake eminem on stage detroit tour


Drake has made it a point to bring out some of the biggest artists of each town he has touched down in on his tour, bringing fans a list of cameos including Kanye West, Rihanna, Dip Set, Terror Squad and more. Eminem’s appearance was special though because we thought they were beefing! Hot 97 morning show host, Ebro, teased listeners with a joke which implied that he and Eminem were potentially bound for an impending battle leading to blogs and social media platforms feeding off the false prospect of beef. To be honest, Ebro admitted he had manufactured the allusion so we should have known there was beef, but by then Twitter was going crazy and we were all too excited to pay attention.

Anyway, it’s all good and Drake and Eminem are friends… forever (sorry, we couldn’t help it!)


Written by Damilola 

Cover Image: PicMonkey

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