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Drake has reportedly settled an Instagram model who accused him of sexual assault back in 2017.


The Canadian rapper reportedly privately paid the sum of $350,000 to Laquana Morris after negotiating with the her.

Now, however, Morris, has filed a complaint against her own lawyer which explains the incident in graphic details.

Morris had claimed the rapper forced her to perform a sex act on him after they went back to his hotel room in Manchester following his 2017 ‘Boy Meets World’ concert in February.

“I, Laquana Morris signed a retainer agreement with Alexander Cabereiras on January 23, 2018. I explained to him that I was sexually assaulted by the rapper Drake,” the complaint read in part.

“Drake forced me to perform oral on him. It wasn’t your ordinary oral it was more so a fetish where he measured a cup and demanded that I spit in the cup until he had measured it. Afterward he dumped the spit on my face repeating, ‘I wanna see your face messy.’”

In November 2018, Drake had filed lawsuit against Morris for civil extortion, fraud, emotional distress, abuse of process and defamation.

Drake later admitted to having consensual sex with the model but denied all allegations of non-consensual sex.

Meanwhile, it is reported that Morris has bridged an agreement in the settlement which demands that she never reveal the details — else she’ll have to refund $125,000 from the said sum and pay for damages.

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