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Drake’s latest hit single “Toosie Slide” has become a viral dance challenge with people across the globe doing the dance all over social media.

When he dropped the single, Drake made history as the first male act to debut in the top spot of the Billboard Hot 100 chart three times, but the true stars of the song’s release have been the Masaka Kids Africana.


Over the weekend, Drake shared a video on his Instagram Story of a group called the Masaka Kids, comprising orphaned children in Uganda, doing a dance to his song “Toosie Slide”. The video quickly gained traction, amassing thousands of views across all social media.

Suuna Hassan, the organization’s founder, told TMZ that when Drake responded to the video, the kids celebrated by dancing.

As reported by TMZ, the Masaka Kids Africana account has gained more than 120,000 Instagram followers and the organization has received hundreds of dollars in donations.

Hassan says many more have inquired about how to donate clothes and other items, and Drake’s shout-out to his massive following certainly gave them a much-needed boost.

By: Dammy Eneli

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