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Written By Damilola Faustino

When we buy a piece of jewelry and it’s written ‘Statement Earring’, on it, it’s not just something they write to make you buy the jewelry. It’s because it is actually meant to make a statement! Earrings are important accessories that have become a must for every woman. The problem here is that quite a number of girls or women simply hook their earrings and off they go. No! Your pair of earrings can do much more. You can style your earrings to make an impressionable statement. Here are tips on how to pull this off:

Keep other jewelry minimal

Whether it is a necklace or finger rings, you don’t want them to overshadow your earrings, otherwise, they will take away attention from your expensive earrings.

Match your earrings with colors and patterns of your outfit

Ladies have the fashion license to mix or match different colours than men. So take advantage of this and match your earrings with your attire or outfit. You will definitely be on point.

Show off the earring with a ponytail hairstyle

Any hairstyle will go but if you can style it in a ponytail, it is better. This is because it is easier to show off your pretty earrings with a ponytail. In addition, you do not need to keep swiping at your hair to get it away from your earrings in order to allow people see it.

Create a pop of colour

This is opposite of matching your earrings with your outfit. You can make your earrings stand out by engaging in colour blocking fashion trend, or just wear other other colours and let the colour of your earring be the only item of its colour on your body.

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