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OMG when it comes to girls who work out with makeup, I don’t even where to start. Why, WHY, would any one in their right mind exercise with a full face off make up????


First off, we all know that wearing make up whilst exercising is bad for our skin. Wearing mascara is one thing (though beware, you may find it running down your cheeks by the end of the session) but with foundation and powder you risk blocking the pores and congesting the skin. Your body really needs to be able to sweat, sweat, sweat as that’s your bodies way of removing toxins from your body .

When you get hot , several things happen to your skin. The first is sweating and second is a slight relaxing and enlarging of the pores. Add a layer of even the best make-up on this and firstly you’ll end up with streaking make -up, but you’re also increasing the likelihood of a breakout. Your skin needs to breathe- during a good work out even more so. Mix in sweat, heat and open pores and over time the skin will become blocked. Not everyone will get spots but most will get blackheads coupled with dulling and possibly uneven skin texture and um, that’s just not cute.
So do two very important things first before you work out- make sure you remove all make up (including that mascara). And don’t forget to clean your face after a work out because your pores are enlarged, allowing sweat and grime to have even more opportunity to settle onto the skin and become trapped.
Written by Tokyo James

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