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By Halima Bakenne

Raise your hand if you think keeping up with a workout routine is HARD! Yeah I knew I wasn’t the only one, so I have figured out some effective but easy workouts for lazy people. Why suffer through the series of body pains after a thorough workout session when you can just get a quick one in and still be fit? My thoughts exactly! Try out these workout hacks and thank me later:

lazy workout


This is very necessary especially if you sit at a computer all day at work, try as much as possible to get up at least every hour to move around. You can walk the stairs and back, walk to and from your lunch break, and just move in some capacity.

If you are too busy to stand up from your system though, I have you covered! If you have a car that you drive to work, park it a little further away and walk to your office. If you take public transport however, get off one or two stops early and walk the rest of the way.

Not only will this increase your fitness, it will also save you the stress of fighting for a parking spot.

Take The Stairs;

Taking the stairs instead of the elevators or escalators can be hard at first but in the long run, it helps your muscles. You can start by taking it slow and then building it up. Try taking an elevator halfway to your floor then take the stairs the rest of the way. You can do this for a week as then increase the flight of stairs as you progress. And before you know it, you are walking up the 10 floors without a problem! Walking up the stairs is healthy but you have to be careful because walking down can be bad for your knees, so you can walk up and ride the elevator down.

Update Your Playlist;

Music is not just for enjoyment, it can also be a way to get a workout. All you need is to create a playlist with fast beats and can get you pumped up enough that you won’t have a choice but to get up and move.

That way, you get the right dose of workout to fit your lazy schedule and still have some fun.

Increase Your Heart Rate;

Doing exercises that get your heart rate pumping is a great way to burn calories and the perfect workout for lazy people. So do some cleaning around the house this weekend like vacuuming or anything else to get your workout in.

Another way to get your heart rate pumped up is taking a walk while on a long phone call. So the next time you are going to be on the phone with that special person for almost an hour or more, you might want to use that as an opportunity to get your perfect workout.

Now before you write these off as “not for me”, consider how amazing it is to have an effective workout routine that doesn’t require you to be at the gym while having some fun at it.

Enjoy your easy workouts and have a blessed week!

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