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By Sarah Oyedo

It goes without saying that the “fleekness” you get when you apply edge control to your hair edges is nothing short of marvelous.


edge control

Whether natural or relaxed, edge control brings out a certain beauty even in the most banal of hairstyles. Yet it may also be the reason your edges are thinning and breaking off. For most of us, our hair edges are the most fragile of our hair hence when braided, slicked back or packed too tightly and frequently, it has the tendency of breaking off easily.

Edge control is made of thick uniformity so it provides you with enough hold needed to slick your hair back and down. But as all good things, it comes with a price.

The heaviness of the product clogs the skin base, making it almost impossible for the pores to breathe which results to an overload of stress on the scalp and edges. For clarity’s sakes, this does not mean you should never use edge control, but using it on a daily basis is a no-no – if you care for your edges that is. Reserve it for special occasions like an interview, night out with a hot date, an event where you absolutely need to slay… something like that.

You can use your shea butter or favorite hair butter products as alternative for edge control. Simply wrap a silk or satin scarf around your head after application to pat down your edges and all will be right and good.

Meanwhile, here’s a great video of how to cinch those edges below:

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