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Well I can start by saying it ain’t a walk in the park at all.

It’s one thing to be a woman, but it’s a totally different kettle of fish to be an African woman; the pressures of culture, religion and sheer societal expectation is something that makes the African woman’s story very much more different.


That’s why this month, we have a very exciting project with Kemi Adetiba’s King Women, where she interviews very inspiring women in various fields about life and their experiences in womanhood.

These women tell us what it means to be an African woman, taking  it step by step, bite by bite, stone by stone, day by day, never giving up and just keep moving.

This month is also a very landmark moment for fashion, as the first ever LFDW A/W 17 presentation starts this month.

This is exciting, as fashion in Nigeria slowly draws closer to making way for showcasing two-season presentations/runways like the rest of the world.

Read the interviews from some of the designers who are making history by being part of this.

I am also particularly excited to launch my A/W 17 campaign, called ‘End Times: Son of God’. It was so much fun shooting this in Cape Town, I hope you like the images. Let me know your thoughts via my instagram @tokyojamess.

Living in Lagos isn’t an easy thing if you are like me that has just returned (ok I have been back for 3 years, but still). You are constantly fighting the love-hate relationship, but love always seems to win, because you are still here, or should I say we are still here? No matter how bad you think it is, it may be work with all the drama and politics involved in working in Corporate Nigeria, as a true Creative. It’s a buzz kill to the max.

Or it may be the high cost of living; you are paying for so much, but actually not getting anything in return. It literally does my head in; or the way things are done that you are still trying to get your head around.

But with all of this, there’s something about Lagos that is magical; something about the city that captivates you, something you can’t really explain unless you live here  and makes you feel that it’s gonna be alright and truly and really, it’s going to be alright.

Oh just on another note, I am on the cover of the Guardian Life magazine, grab your copy and read my take on fashion and more.


Tokyo James

Head of Fashion

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