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I sat in the office excited about our launch, That excitement of something new. Remember your childhood when you get that new toy or that new gadget and all you wanted to do is explore every aspect of that toy or gadgets the excitement to touch it and discover that new feel is always exciting the spirt of adventure and the curiosity is a great Feeling now you remember that feeling….  That’s what Accelerate Fashion is about. We are that new toy and this platform are our gadgets. IMG_3283For you to discover here for you to find out new things that you never new excited about fashion we are hear to hold your hands and excite you in different ways teaching you the business side of fashion , visual stimulating with the latest images from fashion and the art world , we want you to think and question the status quo and see think from another point of view , creating exciting content with your most loved celebrity and showing them in ways your not used to

Accelerate Fashion is wear the business side of fashion and the Creative side come to play welcome to our world.
Photograher & Model: Maxwell Annoh (from Ghana)