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Change Is hard and sometimes we set goals that we can’t meet. Stuff happens. Most of the time, however, it’s stuff that we have full control over. If you’re stuck and looking to change up your strategy to set better goals and be more productive, here are five things that will make your transition a lot easier. But some of these will take courage and accountability, but that’s part for the course with change.

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Change your environment

This may be the easiest way to change an unwanted behavior–altering something that no longer works or is keeping you stuck in a rut. Your environment may manipulate your decision-making more than you think. Example: If you want to lose weight, why not pick a smaller plate so you consume less food? Or walk to the eating establishments you normally drive to at lunch? Maybe your office is too close to the snack machines or cafeteria. Ask to relocate it to another part of the building. Change your environment and you’ll re-train your brain to make other choices.

Change your friends at work

Is your peer network dragging you down? Tired of the criticism and negativity? Are you caught up in unwanted gossip? Re-evaluate the people you hang out with at work, and carefully select the type of people that will contribute to your growth, collaborate like a functional work community, and respect others around them for failing and being human.

Reward yourself

You take on a new challenge or project, things seem exciting at first, and then the mundane starts to set in. Before boredom strips all the joy away from your work, inject fun into your routine by rewarding yourself when goals are met. Think right now, how can you reward yourself after a hard day’s work? Or when that quarterly project is finally over? What will you absolutely enjoy at the end of the road or when you reach the top of the mountain? A trip to some exotic place (the long-term reward)?

Change one bad habit that’s getting in the way

Stop thinking like your whole world needs to be changed. Instead, focusing on fixing one thing at a time is the key to lasting change. You should think of change as a project where you spend a month to change something permanently. Give it a month, and move on to the next project. You’ll be reaping the benefits of this approach for years to come.

Change How You Set Your Goals

If you can’t overcome your own procrastination and you’re allowing crunch time to approach without being ready, set smaller goals and break things down in bite-sized chunks. Now that your goals are manageable again, make sure each of those smaller chunks has their own “now” deadlines. Find something you can do this week to begin taking some type of action now.

By Damilola Faustino

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