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You see a cute looking shoe, you buy. You see a quality Nigerian bag, you purchase it. When you go shopping, you will definitely buy something you did not plan for. Impulse buying is legendary. You cannot control or deal with your constant and insatiable buying-on-the-spot cravings. If you are among the impulse buyers, we diagnose you with the impulse buying syndrome and we share ways you can deal with it:

impulse buying

— Follow the Time Rule

When you see something that you love, you should wait for a number of weeks or days before buying it. The longer you can wait, the better. If this decision to buy it does not wear off, you can consider buying. But oftentimes, you will lose the desire to buy that product during the waiting period.

— Block shopping sites 

If you are always online, you should block all the shopping websites on your computer. This mainly applies to those who love shopping online. They cannot resist the temptation to purchase anything they love when the website appears.

— Plan your purchases

Every time you go shopping, you should have a list of what you want to buy and ensure that you stick to it. The only thing you should add to the list is what you know is very important that you forgot.

— Restrict access to your money

The easiest way to stop impulse spending is to restrict access to your money. You can place a minimum amount to spend per day on your account or debit card. With this, you will become disciplined and your impulse buying will be under control.

impulse buying

— Take a calculator

You can either take a calculator with you or use the digital one on your phone when shopping. As you purchase, add the price of each item into your calculator. This enables you to keep track of your expenses as you go around the store. You should stop shopping if it exceeds your list or set amount for the day.

— Unsubscribe marketing emails

The marketing emails you receive daily that sells or offers you discount to purchase certain products can tempt you to do an unplanned purchase. What you should do in this situation is to unsubscribe these emails to stop receiving them.

— Do not shop with the wrong friends

If you shop with a friend who also has the impulse buying syndrome, it may be time to stop shopping with that person. This is because you will always buy things outside your budget or list. Except both of you are willing to commit to not buying on impulse, which is impossible, you should shop separately.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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