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Talent and skill can be found in anyone, irrespective of age, training and orientation. Talent and skill also have a way of showing up in unexpected people, and have done so in twelve year-old Zizah Okuego.

Zizah Okuego was diagnosed with Autism at the age of four. Despite being on the spectrum, and having limited verbal skills, Zizah is able to express himself and the way he sees the world through art and music. Through these two mediums, he’s able to connect and engage.

Though he is not a child of many words, he speaks loudly through his artistic expression. He sees what we see, and hears what we hear. But how can we see things from his perspective?

Eidetic Impressions, Zizah’s solo art exhibition, will hold at Terra Kulture from April 2 – April 11, 2021. 

Zizah’s moniker eidetic boy speaks to his memory. As is seen in his artwork, and heard in his music, Zizah’s attention to detail and the vividness he displays are heightened. He sees and remembers things and moments that most of us overlook or are quick to forget. More importantly, he preserves them through every one of his brush strokes.

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