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Looking for what to watch this weekend? Don’t worry, we got you! Here are eight Nigerian movies to watch on Netflix this weekend.

Before 30

Before 30 is a Nigerian television drama series directed by Bodunrin ‘BB’ Sasore and starring Damilola Adegbite, OC Ukeje, Beverly Naya, Meg Otanwa, and Anee Icha. The show is centred on “the lives of four young and urban career women in Lagos as they face pressures from society and culture, their peers and family members on the condition to be married before they turn 30.


Heart and Soul

Dr. Sydney has just returned from New York to join the medical team at a rather ‘hitech’ but inundated Lagos State University Hospital in Ikeja. Dr. Sydney also discovers that for a people whose beliefs are steeped in pervasive spiritualism, there’s more to every sickness and indeed every cure that can be diagnosed or explained through medical science. The odd stories and ailments from his many patients drain him physically and challenge his faith in God and medicine. However, he has to find new friends in this hostile Lagos environment and maybe he can also find time from playing God to love again. 

Sin City

Perfection they say is an illusion.. but the very nature of Man is such that even though his heart is privy to this fact, there is often so much more to his needs, wants and the yearning of his heart. Philip and Julia are a couple high up on the ladder of success and living the dream life.. Their marriage seems perfect except for the suppressed fact the couple can’t seem to get to spend time with each other owing to Philips’ frequent trips. And when they finally decide to spend time together and go away for a few days, they head for an exotic hotel on the outskirts of town where they met a mystery stranger Rivera. What follows is a tale of several twists, turns that spills a can of worms and ultimately pulls each person in the emerging web of deceit “SIN CITY.”


She is

Can one woman have everything? Facing her 40s, a highly accomplished woman with a host of suitors at her feet faces hard decisions about love, family, and her future.

Lost In London

Okon and Bona are selected for an exchange program in London and must decide whether they will return home after the program or attempt to make it big in London.


A man returns from prison, hoping to pick up the pieces of his life with his wife and business. Things are not as he hopes when he begins to suspect his wife of infidelity and with the business at stake, he calls in an old friend who is a private investigator for help. A love triangle ensues with everyone fighting for love and for money. Who will come out top?


The Millions

The Millions tells a story of some con artists coming together to work on stealing a huge sum of money as failure with the operation puts their lives in the way. The mission leads to betrayal, friendship and true love.



Payday is a 2018 Nigerian comedy drama film directed by Cheta Chukwu and produced by Orwi Manny Ame with Ellery Alexis and Elizabeth Giran as its executive producer. The film stars Baaj Adebule, Bisola Aiyeola, Zack Orji, Victor Ebiye, Segilola Ogidan and Meg Otanwa.


By: Dammy Eneli

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