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Written By Damilola Faustino

You eat with all sorts of people on the table. From the good, the bad to the ugly. This includes the ones that lack table manners. They are hellbent on ruining your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But more than that, there are public gatherings where bad table manners are a total no-no, unacceptable. These tips will help you enjoy your time at the dining table and also save you a lot of embarrassments:


You are not eating with your friends that you have to belch. Belching, whether it is voluntary or involuntary, is very bad and irritating. If you do it once, you will realise that no one will want to be on the same table with you to eat ever again.

Clanging cutlery

What is with the noise that you make with your cutlery? Why can’t you just control your hands? Making loud clanging sounds with your cutlery is seen as a lack of table manners. This is a very simplistic table manner you should know.

Begin eating before the host starts

It is seen as disrespectful to eat before the host starts. So, you should be very patient and wait for the host to begin before you start munching your food.

Never pull out someone’s chair for them

We may do this out of respect but it is not ethical. This is not about being a gentleman. You are allowed to open the door but to pull a chair is a no-no.

Talking with your mouth full

This is one of the worst mistakes that any person can make at a dinner table. It is either you finish eating before you start any conversation or you empty your mouth before you talk. Better still, just keep quiet.

The surrp sound

You know that sound you make when you are drinking or eating can be annoying. Make your mouth noiseless and allow others to eat in peace! It is a very bad and rotten table manner.

Licking your fingers

No matter how tasty the food or soup may be, never lick your fingers on the table. If you cannot control your urge to lick your fingers, just leave the table and hide to lick it. Even that is very bad!

Throw away your phone

Your phone is just a distraction. Do not bring it to the dinner table up to the point that you have to chat and ping while eating.

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