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Ellie Pithers of Vouge recently wrote an article regarding wear socks on sandals during the winter, summer and fall.

In the write-up, Vogue’s fashion editor, Verity Parker, was quoted as saying:

“Sandals in the winter always seem that little bit less expected, and therefore add a little edge to even a simple outfit. They have to have a sturdy sole, just as boots or brogues have – Céline and Balenciaga make the best – but I generally wear mine all through the winter. Jeans, oversized knit and heavy-soled sandals – heaven!” Parker also cites Dr Martens and Birkenstock as more affordably-priced examples of a sturdy winterproof sandal, but counsels: “Never wear them in the rain. No matter what season, wet feet are never stylish.”




Mmm, if these people knew what Nigerian teachers were like, they wouldn’t mind wet feet oh. But we digress…

Ellie’s write-up continues:

Last week our poll, “Would you wear sandals in winter?” was met with disdain, as 66 per cent of respondents claimed, “never, I’d freeze”. A solid 20 per cent responded “of course”, while 14 per cent countered that they’d only wear sandals “with socks”. On the subject of socks, Margaret Howell and The Elder Statesman make the best chunky ribbed pairs to wear with thick strapped sandals. But to the 66 per cent? Buckle up. Thick-soled sandals are the best way to make the utility trend sing this winter. And when summer comes around? Well, you’re more than prepared.




Ask a Nigerian student if he or she would wear sandals or socks in cold and rainy weather and they would heartily reply with another question:

“Do you want my teacher to flog me!?”

Sigh. Now I’m nostalgic.


Written by Odinekachuwku Ishicheli