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Elton John is already a legend, as far as music is concerned, but now, he is also a Record Store Day Legend.


The rock star, professed his love for says vinyl albums, during a ceremony to name him the Record Store Day Legend.

Elton John

John said vinyl albums provide a better listening experience than CDs or streaming music:


“It does sound better,” said the star. “I know people say it doesn’t, but it does. I’ve been around long enough to know. I’ve been in so many studios, I’ve made so many records. It just sounds better.”


Sir Elton’s comments came as he was named a “Record Store Day Legend”, honouring his support of record shops, and he will be releasing a new version of his legendary live album, 17-11-70, to commemorate the 10th annual Record Store Day on 22 April.


Apostles argue that an LP’s analogue sound signal produces a more authentic, honest sound, while digital formats like CD and downloads compromise quality for the sake of portability and convenience.


Audio engineers argue that digital files are inherently more accurate – and that some of the “warmth” of vinyl is, in fact, distortion introduced by the turntable.


In reality, both have their pros and cons, but the perception that vinyl is superior has been a key reason behind the format’s resurgence.

Elton John1

This exclusive edition of Elton John’s live album adds six further songs to the original tracklisting, including previously unreleased recordings of Indian Sunset, Your Song and My Father’s Gun.
“It wasn’t supposed to be a live album, it was a radio broadcast,” the musician said, “but it was bootlegged so much that the record company decided to put it out.”


According to Kate Bush:


“17-11-70 is one of my favourites of all time” and Sir Elton isn’t about to disagree.

“It’s probably one of the best live albums of all time. I’m never one to say good things about myself, but it is pretty fabulous,” Elton said.


The star is well known for his love of record shops – having bought his first singles (At the Hop by Danny and the Juniors; and Reet Petite by Jackie Wilson) at the age of 10.

Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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