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Elton Odoemenam popularly known as eltxn (pronounced Elton), the self proclaimed ‘Boy Wonder’ is an R&B singer/ songwriter from Lagos state, Nigeria.

The 22-year-old started making and releasing music in 2019, with his most popular single being ‘With You’, a moody, chill, love-making tune that showcased his songwriting prowess and delivery potential.

Eltxn returns in 2020 with his debut EP, ‘Boy Wonder’, a 4-track 14 minute project, as a means of properly announcing himself to the world. The standout track being ‘Stay Loyal’ featuring the super-talented SGaWD.

‘Boy Wonder’ seeks to feed pure, unadulterated, and uncut R&B/Soul music to Nigerian listeners. A genre that is slowly on the rise, and has the potential to become prominent in the country. eltxn flaunts his penmanship skill across the four tracks, matched with pristine vocal delivery and a knack for catchy flow and rhythm.

‘Boy Wonder’ is now available to stream/download on all platforms HERE.



By: muyiwa aguda

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