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Emma Watson has decided to stop calling herself single and is now describing herself as “self-partnered.”

In a British Vogue interview, Watson said she had battled with anxiety as she approached age 30 without a stable career, baby or partner.

eMMA Watson

“I never believed the whole ‘I’m happy single’ spiel,” the 29-year-old actress said. “I was like, ‘This is totally [a] spiel.’ It took me a long time, but I’m very happy [being single]. “I call it being self-partnered,” the Harry Potter star said.

Watson said she realized she struggled with anxiety due to an “influx of subliminal messaging.”

“I was like, ‘Why does everyone make such a big fuss about turning 30? This is not a big deal.’” Watson laughed. “Cut to 29, and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I feel so stressed and anxious.
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And I realize it’s because there is suddenly this bloody influx of subliminal messaging around.”

“If you have not built a home, if you do not have a husband, if you do not have a baby and you are turning 30 and you’re not in some incredibly secure, stable place in your career … There’s just this incredible amount of anxiety,” she said.

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