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#EndSARS protests are still very much on and as of this morning, the whole of Lagos is blocked-the WHOLE of Lagos; both Island and Mainland. The youths are not joking, they are ready to eat, sleep, and live on the streets until their demands are met.

Amidst the people that are ready to live on the streets till next year, there are also people who are getting tired, and that’s perfectly understandable, I completely understand how things like this can get tiring, especially when it looks like you aren’t moving forward or making progress. But with causes such as these, you cannot afford to give up, you cannot afford to be tired, because that would mean that the bad guys have won.

It is important to persevere and to keep fighting until you get what you want. If you give up now, all the work that you’ve put in, and other people have put in, would all go to waste. All the energy, all the donations, all the protests that people have gone for, all the people that have been arrested, or beaten or shot at or been injured from tear gas, all that would have been for nothing. And if SARS wins, if we get tired and give up, these people would come back ten times stronger and only God would be able to save us then.

If you’re getting tired, remember that people have been killed while protesting, remember that people have gotten serious life-threatening injuries from protesting and fighting for this cause. If you get tired and give up now, all that would have been for nothing, and the people who died for the End SARS cause would not get justice.

Most importantly, remember the people who have died in the hands of SARS, remember all the stories that you heard from the candlelight services which held on Friday night across Nigeria. Remember Chijoke and the several others whose dead bodies were dumped in a river after being killed by SARS officials. Remember the people who were brutally killed by SARS for no reason. The people who were beaten and kidnapped by SARS simply because they had phones and laptops and cars. Also, remember Ezra Olubi and Shola Akinlade, the Paystack boys who wouldn’t have gotten where they are if they had been killed by SARS.

Don’t be tired, the fight is still ongoing and I believe we would win, as long as we keep fighting and we don’t back down until our demands are met. You can do this, I believe in you. Go out there to protest, you can help by helping with the sharing of food, or cleaning protest premises, or sharing drinks, masks, hand sanitizers, or in keeping everyone organized. If you can’t protest physically, protest online; share information, use the hashtag in all of your tweets, share experiences, use your talent to promote the End SARS movement; if you can draw, sing, create graphics, you’re a photographer, etc, use it to push the movement. You can also donate, for information on donating or how you can help, follow @feministcolaition on Twitter and Instagram or check out their website.

We can win this, as long as we keep fighting.

By: Dammy Eneli

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