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It has been 7 days since nationwide #EndSARS protests began in Nigeria. Although, there have been multiple announcements made by the government and officials, all 5 demands have not been met.

Therefore, as protests continue today, here are ways you can help.

Attend protests in your area

Wherever you are in Nigeria, there might be a protest around you.

To find locations, follow this thread by @ProtestsNG

See also: How to stay safe during a protest & What to wear when protesting 

Use Social Media To Protest & Share Information

If you are unable to attend any of the protests, ensure you are doing your part online. The hashtags to use today are: #ENDSWAT #NOTOSWAT #SARSMUSTEND #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria #SARSMUSTENDNOW. The energy and ginger we have used to receive attention so far should not reduce. Continue tweeting, sharing, posting and documenting.

If there is any medical emergency at your protest location, please tweet with the hashtag #EmergencyatSARS and details to call attention to the situation

If anyone gets detained or arrested, please tweet with the hashtag #EndSarsLegal and details of the arrest/detainment for help.

Ensure you are following, mentioning and messaging accounts like @EndSarsResponse for updates.

Make Donations

Crowdfunding is currently sustaining various aspects of the #ENDSARS movement. You can donate to protest organisers and journalists covering the protests.

Donate to #EndSARS protest planners:

Donate to journalists covering the #EndSARS protests:

An organic way you can also donate is by delivering water, food, drinks, banners and signs, and other necessities to protest locations.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you are only donating to trustworthy and verifiable accounts you can hold accountable.

Listen to/Read SARS Experiences

As we continue to strive for change, we must continue to remind ourselves the reason we are protesting and demanding change.

You can watch stories from Deshiy, Dotun, Ore and Anon Girl on Accelerate TV.

To read more experiences, visit https://endsars.com/

In addition, there is a new episode of FK & Jola’s podcast, I Said What I Said Podcast, featuring Falz and a 30-minute voice note from an anonymous woman’s first-hand experience with SARS and the Nigerian Police. Click here to listen to The End SARS and Police Brutality episode.


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