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Here are some safe easy-to-remember beauty tips to adopt before leaving your house for any #ENDSARS protest.

1.    Do not wear contact lenses

Whether your contact lenses are for fashionable reasons or optician-recommended, avoid wearing them when protesting. Contact lenses can cause discomfort during these demonstrations, especially when there are chemicals released. They can trap the chemicals underneath and cause major problems.

2.    Avoid oil-based beauty products

Firstly, the weather in Nigeria can be unpredictable but it remains a generally hot environment. To avoid sweating and uneasiness, avoid oil-based products and use more water-resistant, water-based and oil-free products for hydration.

Also, these oil-based products, moisturisers, foundations or concealers, make it easier for your skin to trap harmful chemicals. There are unpredictable outcomes to even the most peaceful protests. Therefore, if harmful chemicals and irritants are released, you want to reduce exposure and effects as much as you can.

Oil-based products can trap chemicals in your pores and increase the effects of substances in teargas or pepper sprays.

3.    Makeup is not necessary

To be honest, sunglasses, hats and face masks take up most of your face and these are highly recommended when protesting now. Thus, a full face beat for long hours under the clouds, with a lot of physical movement, is not a necessity at the moment. Also, a good number of makeup products contain oils (See point 2)

4.    Keep your hair out of your face

In situations where running is required, you want to keep your hair out of your face to avoid distractions and slowing down. Keep your hair in a ponytail and avoid hairstyles that cling to your skin.


By: Oshoriame

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