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Following the conclusion of the UEFA Champions League Tournament Finals and the wave of racism in England that ensued, there has been a lot of public response around the situation, mostly condemning it.

Marcus Rashford tweeted out a picture of himself on the pitch (picture depicted below) alongside a lengthy iPhone notes app statement. In his tweet he apologised for missing the penalty, expressing how he could “score penalties in [his] sleep” and couldn’t understand why not that one after replaying the scene through his head on loop. He then goes on to say that while he can take critique of his performance all day long, he will not however apologise for who he is or where he comes from, if he has nothing else, he has that.

Accompanied by more public condemnation of British racism and the manner in which black people are treated well when some white men feel like, Prince William, who watched the final match live and in person with his wife and son, took to Twitter to say how he is sickened by the racist abuse aimed at English players and that this is totally unacceptable, abhorrent behaviour that must stop now “all those involved should be held accountable”.

The recent wave of racism is unfortunately still ongoing. People are still taking to the internet to racially abuse Sancho, Saka and Rashford, as well as black people of the general public. Even yesterday, on the 12th of July, a mural depicting Marcus Rashford was vandalised and deface with graffiti. It was quickly covered up and people used the opportunity to put up hundreds of messages showing support for the footballer and has been restored to its previous glory not long ago, but the fact that someone took the time out of their 24 hours to do this is appalling.

Racism in England probably isn’t going anywhere for a while, but at least there are discussions pushing for change. At least we can be hopeful.


By Joshua Osifo

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