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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

Juggling multiple streams of income is never easy, but when you find a rhythm that works, it ends up not being so hard.

This is what Oluwasegun Clement a graduate of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, from Ekiti State University (EKSU), has mastered over time.

engo clement

Working under the stage name, Engo, Clement is a musician, live band lyricist, rapper, VJ and a mathematics and science tutor.

Having graduated from EKSU 5 years ago, the young man decided to find his calling in his own gift – music – and he has been unstoppable from there.

Speaking with Accelerate TV about how he discovered and groomed his talent, Engo says, “learning never stops. I learn more on every discovered craft of mine and improve on them to commercial taste.

“Music for me is more like Oxygen. I was born into the music system. It started from my church choir. My Dad is a shepherd of a Celestial church, my mom is the choir mistress and all my sisters sing. So I was virtually raised in music, and we all (family) experiment on several genres of music and sounds.”

He added, “But more than these, I believe when one is faithful with a gift or talent, then God opens one’s eyes of understanding to other talents.”

But why mix up music with tutoring in mathematics and science?

Like every good leader, Engo is inspired to motivate younger people and leave a positive impact in their lives, and the best part is that tis also reflects in his music.

But it was not just about being born with the gift. Engo has trained himself in his craft overtime, to understand strengths and weaknesses.

“To improve my craft, I do a whole lot of research and I study time and evolution of the craft in order to understand the past, present and future of them all.

“More so, I’m never afraid to experiment on my evolving craft, irrespective of the criticisms and negative feedbacks. I make amends and keep on keeping on. Finally, staying creative, consistent and commercial are my focus.”

engo clement

5 local artistes and 5 international artistes have influenced Engo’s sound overtime – Olamide, Phyno, Ruggedman, Vector and MI as well as JAY-Z, Kanye West, Eminem, Lil Wayne and Kendrick Lamar, respectively.

But everyone knows breaking into the music industry is never easy. From piracy to sponsorships, Engo has dealt with them all and now, he just seeks ways to reach the world through music.

“My challenge at present is just the difficulty of getting to reach out to the world musically. But as regards finance, the industry is still small and a whole lot of people have made it all about money. Nevertheless I’ll keep pushing through till the world catches the positive virus.”

But having multiple streams of income has helped Engo survive in the face of musical hardship and he still has hopes.

“I hope to dominate both home and abroad. By domination I mean becoming influential to the world, becoming a positive influence with the very best entertainment means.”

And if you need some encouragement, Engo says, “Don’t feel low or little by being called an upcoming. In the light of truth, everyone is an upcoming because our desires, dreams and wants have no end. Even the richest still want more; and remember that the competition is within. It’s about you being better than You not someone else. Believe in yourself and be better.”

So far, Engo has released a mixtape playlist of 15 tracks which dropped on his birthday, July 14 back in 2016 titled “Engocentric Mixtape” and one official track titled “Omo Cele Reloaded (OCR)”.

He says of his hit track, “We are in the world where dislike is nurtured to the point of extreme hatred. Hatred for other people’s ideas (bigotry), hatred for people of different skin colour (racism), hatred for foreigners (xenophobia), tribal issues, political party crises, religious hatred, interdenominational hatred and even hatred for human nature (misanthropy).

“All these kinds of hatred and dislikes make the world a hell of an experience. So the song is about my celestial pride, speaking for the silent ones and getting people to rise above the terrible system of dislikes and hatred.”

Check out Engo’s projects via links below and let’s hear your thoughts in the comments section below:

Engo – Omo Cele Reloaded (OCR) 


Engo – Road 2 Em2


Engo – Engocentric Mixtape


Also follow Engo on social media:

Instagram /Twitter /Snapchat /FacebookPage: @engocbe

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