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By Damilola Faustino

When you are exploring a place that you have never been before, the culture shock can be massive. This reaction is so because the way of life, values, and lifestyle of the people are completely different from your everyday experiences in your familiar locale. But in spite of this, you can still enjoy what it is like to be in a place that is completely different from your culture:


Learn the language

Don’t go out to buy an entire book to learn some of the native languages, but endeavour to learn a few key phrases to get around the city.  Learning some phrases such as “good day,” “how are you,” and “thank you” in the local language can go a long way with people while also developing a sense of the culture.

Eat traditional food

One of the biggest things you can do to take a deep dive into a new culture is to eat the customary food of the city. While the flavours and ingredients may not be what you are accustomed to, it is an amazing way to live life like a local. Don’t be afraid to try something rare and daring, because you never know when you are going to get an opportunity to try something like it again.

People watch

It is fun to watch people even though some may think it’s nosy. People watching is a simple way to see what a day in the life of a local consist of. Whether walking to the local market or taking a midnight stroll from a local pub, watch what the locals do. And if you feel so inclined, do what they do, follow in their footsteps, and perhaps learn something new about your travel destination.

Learn about the history

You can’t learn about the modern age of a city without learning about its past. Just looking at the seemingly insignificant details on a building holds so much history. There are stories to be told, and you have to be a good listener to what the city is telling you.

Make use of public transportation

What better way to see the city than on a train or bus? Certainly not walking. Using public transport is so much faster than walking around the city, and it helps getting oriented around the major sites your travel destination has to offer.

Listen to live local music

Music is a universal language. We all understand it, even if you think you don’t. Listening to any live music is such an amazing experience, and engaging with music in a new place is even better.

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