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By Omoye Uzamere

Omoye UzamsDid y’all know I write poetry?

Well, I do!

Now, you wouldn’t be wrong to say that I’m a bag of talents. *This is the part where you give me a side eye and say in your mind, “let’s be the ones to say so.”

Anyway, I wrote this little love poem a long time ago. It’s not about Valentine love, since romantic people won’t let us hear word. It’s about a self-love; the degree to which you understand who you are and how far you can push your limits without losing yourself.

See, the hardest things to give are the things that we ourselves are lacking and sometimes, it takes boldness to make a decision knowing that it might be unpopular, or to give even when it hurts, though it’s the right thing to do. It takes boldness to love and accept yourself with all your flaws and insecurities.

Until we do that, we may never feel deserving of amazing love from another.

Love does not have to hurt.

Anyway, here goes:


self love relationship

I’m strong enough to look my pain in the eye and take a wise decision.

I’m wise enough to leave a foolish past for a glorious future.

I’m foolish enough to love till it hurts; yet wise enough to recover and fall in love again.

I’m beautiful enough to hope that someone, somewhere will see beyond my foreskin.

I’m sick enough to need healing, yet healed enough to know that I’ll be fine again.

Frail become my bones, if broken twice: frailer still, my heart after each disappointment.

I’m young enough to veer off course, chasing my dreams. When or if I do give up, I trust that you’ll give me a ride back… ‘Home?’.

I know enough to know that he’ll never come back, but I’m Hopeful enough to desire a miracle.

We say, Enough Is Enough, again and again. Yet we give them a break, tenure after tenure.

I’m Crazy enough to walk outside butt naked, but not Stupid enough to do it in winter…

I’m hungry enough to make a Compromise, but I’m rich! Rich enough to know (when) I deserve better.

I want you to like me; I’m a conformist: but not enough to kowtow at the expense of my conviction.

I’m bold enough to be vulnerable, yet leave my core of steel intact.

I’m Pretty enough to draw any man’s eyes, but Beautiful enough to discover how to keep his heart.

I’m proud enough to walk tall and prominent, but modest enough to lower my eyes at his gaze.

I’m desperate enough to want the treasure of my destiny and daring enough to live out that purpose.

Knowing that not everyone finds the purpose of their lives, I must seek to find the person I never had the courage to be…. Me.

And that has to be… Enough.


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