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On this week’s edition of ENTREPRENEUR OF THE WEEK, we are spotlighting the queen of Protective Styling, ELLENA AFFAH of NATURALHAIRROCKSS

Naturalhairrockss is a protective styling company that curates Afrocentric pieces for the contemporary African woman

Much like the owner of the brand, Ellena Affah – The NHR woman is fierce , knows what she wants and definitely not afraid to go for it !

Have you always had an interest in Hair & Beauty?

Ellena Affah:  Yes I have , I used to work backstage in theatrical productions back in the university. Prior to that I always loved styling hair as a kid.

What brings you fulfillment when working in this field?

Making women feel confident and beautiful

How has your brand evolved since inception?

Ellena Affah: We’ve built a passionate community of black women with natural hair ,and we’ve been able to expand our reach across the globe


What inspired you to expand into the influencer marketing hub and how has that business progressed so far?

Starting the influencer marketing hub NG was a way of me helping brands create better influencers marketing campaigns . Quite a number of business owners used to ask me questions about influencer marketing ( seeing how well we run our influencer ads on Naturalhairrockss) and I also really got tired of seeing tacky influencer marketing campaigns .

It’s been AMAZING so far !!! I thank God 😊


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What helps you get in the zone when you’re making/deciding on wig styles?

Ellena Affah: Music


 You have a well thought out hair extension line, what sets your handmade units apart, above all other competitors?

When you see an NHR wig you’d tell
We pay attention to details


Do you have any exclusive wig/hair care secret you can share with us?

Yes please !

-Co wash your wigs

-use a hydrating hair mist and

-always store in a satin bag!


Where do you think the hair care business is at in Nigeria compared to where it was when you started?


It’s becoming a huge market and I can honestly see a lot of improvement I’m talking particularly about the natural hair industry as that’s my niche .

Do you have a favourite/signature hairstyle, if so what is it?

My signature look would be my u part Afro wig.

It’s called WIG LENNA

Who is the most high profile client you’ve ever made a unit for?

I’d rather not tell 🙂


Can you name a personality, you would live to see wearing your units?

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

What inspired the NHR parities (you’re one of the only brands doing that)

I really love your questions 😊

It was back in the university when I recently went natural hair I saw the lack of knowledge amongst students ( who were on natural hair ) I wanted an avenue where I could reach out to more of them and educate them about natural hair care so I figured that hosting an event where I could have hair enthusiasts come together and share their knowledge would be beneficial


Any more exciting things to expect from NHR in the coming years?

Certainly 😊 I’d say keep your eyes close!

I personally am impressed at everything ELLENA AFFAH is bringing to the table.

I’ve followed her trajectory since I bumped into her as a guest act on the set of a tv show where she was being celebrated as a top Entrepreneur.

Three years later and she’s rising steadily in the game.

To keep your eyes peeled on her moves click this link here


By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono 

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