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On this week’s edition of ENTREPRENEUR OF THE WEEK, retail royal – Funsho Adewale of The Install Brand is taking the throne and wearing the crown.

This young, multifaceted designer has single-handedly conquered the sole entrepreneurship space via his retail brand


and is set to take the world by storm through his ever-changing, incredibly exciting vibrantly printed collections.

Funsho studied International Law and Diplomacy

yet a childhood filled with clothing, merchandise and uniquely designed styles (courtesy his designer mother) was what birthed his passion for fashion.

The icon in the making has launched a lifestyle brand that caters to the needs of LADIPOE, Laycon (Winner of Big Brother Nigeria), etc. and we LOVE TO SEE IT!

From vibrantly striped patterns to Avant- grade prints and elevated colour choices, you’d be spoilt for choice when you view his variety.

1. What brought about your decision to start The Install Brand?

Funsho: To be very honest I just wanted to see people smile while they wear their favorite shirt or dress.

2. Tell us about your background, have you always been into fashion?

Funsho: My mum is a tailor and she owns a socks factory so I guess I got it all from her

3. A family business, love love! So who is the Install man or woman?

Funsho: whaoooo 😀 the Install man or woman are the customers, family and friends that constantly support my business. I love them all.

4. As a self-taught designer, how did you get the necessary training for your profession?

Funsho: I asked questions from the senior men in the game and I asked my entrepreneurial parents to assist me.

5. Lol @ senior men in the game! Alright then, talk us through how you built your team.

Funsho: To be sincere in building the team
Isn’t done yet, we are still on it but grateful to the few people we have currently.


6. If not designing, what other fields would you have pursued?

Funsho: If not designing I would have been a lecturer or a full-time interior decorator


7. Talk us through your creative process when making classics?

Funsho: My Creative process is pretty simple. I pray, sketch, and add colors. Every design isn’t as stressful as it seems but some come as a fluke. My teammates also make my process easy.


8. Your collections features a lot of vibrant colors and prints, why is that?

Funsho: The idea is to make it difficult for anyone to recreate our designs and start selling.


9. Who is one famous client you’ve worked with and spill on the experience?

Funsho: LADIPOE! Even though it wasn’t a direct job, Laycon current BBN winner and many others.

10. What is one thing people will be surprised to know about you?


Funsho: Ok number 1: I am short and I play basketball
And number 2:  I didn’t start this brand owning any capital whatsoever


11. Interesting… What is one item you cannot do without?

Funsho: I can’t do without praying and smelling nice. 😀


12. What’s a heavy challenge you’ve faced as an entrepreneur and how did you bounce back from it?

Funsho: I hate having or booking photo shoots, it’s always stressful.

Oh, and delivery in this country =a mess!


13. Any advice to budding designers?

Funsho: Dear designers don’t stress yourself too much, whatever idea you have put it out.
Pray and be ready to give willingly.


14. What can we expect from Funsho and the Install Brand in the future?

Funsho: Omo…. we are taking over and that’s for a fact…

The ideas are crazy and we shall make them come to life.
We have loads of amazing luxury shirts at an affordable price

You heard it here first! From not so basic tee shirts to jogger sets and delicious coordinates,

there’s something for everyone both male and female at THE INSTALL BRAND

The price range for his items start from N7,000  but you could purchase these same pieces at a steal, if you visit the pop up  store on Saturday 12th  December, more  info below;


By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono 

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