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On this week’s edition of ENTREPRENEUR OF THE WEEK, we are spotlighting  Ireti Zaccheaus who is steadily taking her brand STREET SOUK to new levels.

21 year old Iretidayo Zaccheaus has always had a flair for business and a core passion for fashion

And if you need any proof,  Off White’s Virgil Abloh is happy to reiterate. He declared in a post via his  Instagram,

“​ … met Ireti in Lagos 5 years ago. Her vision radiates, still.

Africa right now is on the forefront of a youth driven fashion renaissance and she’s curating a scene within it called Street Souk that is birthing a scene for this generation of Nigeria today.

This [shirt] comes in a series of projects I am doing titled ‘Product of Africa

The fashion entrepreneur is hot on the lips of many in the world of Style as she singlehandedly managed to craft a colllab with Virgil Abloh to create a limited edition t-shirts celebrating young Nigerian women

​“The future is female, and we really want to embrace that especially in a genre of fashion that is not always representative of women”


Abloh recently launched his newest collection under Off White titled “I Support Young Black Businesses,” which is aimed at raising money for organizations that support the black community.

Similarly, Street Souk is focused on highlighting and promoting the work of African Streetwear brands, as well as supporting their sustained growth by amplifying their reach and encouraging public support.

Zaccheaus commented, “​ young Nigerian women are at the forefront of the most incredible things coming out of our country right now. They are thriving and breaking barriers in music, fashion, activism, arts, and journalism, to name a few.

Watching women lead with confidence, like the Feminist Coalition during the End Sars Protests for example, has been inspiring.
This shirt is about celebrating that, and encouraging women to continue to change the status quo.”

The shirt is intended to celebrate all Nigerian women, regardless of sexual orientation, tribe, religion, and belief.

You go Ireti for this laudable feat!


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By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono 

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