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On this week’s edition of Entrepreneur Of The Week, we are spotlighting the beautiful Jamilla Joseph, Creative Director and Head Formulator at SINORA BEAUTY COSMETICS.
Driven for success and starting my own brand ‘Sinora Beauty Cosmetics’ during the pandemic, stemmed from my love and obsession for cosmetics. 
Jamilla is a Trinidadian Born beauty entrepreneur based in the UK. With a strong background in Social Sciences, courtesy of her BSc.  in Psychology and Masters in Applied Psychology, she is dedicated to using her qualifications to help and encourage young people to take their education seriously.
Knowledge is power, so my profession stands at the center of what I do.
She not only teaches them to seize each day, drive for success, and make every move count, she’s living proof of that.

What is your beauty brand about and how did you develop the concept? 
Sinora Beauty Cosmetics is a cosmetic brand that bridges Caribbean cultures with cosmetics
We are a brand tailored to all individuals, no matter creed, culture, or race; and that is something I really want to highlight.
The concept came about when I was partaking in Notting Hill carnival, each year I would hunt for particular colours or shades that compliment my costume.
I always believed that once your eyes are set; the rest of your face can be as simplistic as need be.
Growing up in Trinidad & Tobago the pioneer island in the Caribbean for carnival, I strongly believed my brand would be a platform to fill the missing piece for revelers.
When did you first take an interest in beauty?
From my early teenage years, I often found myself playing in eyeshadow, and taking a huge interest in growing and painting my nails.
By the time I reached 18, I had already taken an interest in nail art and would often practice on myself; as I grew older my interest in beauty and all things cosmetics was evident.
On weekends I’d often find myself down our local highstreet comparing colour shades for my nails and buying utensils to grow my love for
nail art.
What inspired the visual branding of your palettes? 
Sinora Beauty Cosmetics is a brand that is all things carnival, so I had to really ensure I get the message and ideology across to my consumers. I really wanted to make sure that from packaging to product, every element is thought through to represent and pay homage to the culture and spirit of carnival and Trinidad & Tobago. The image of crowned feathers came to me when I wanted to capture something bold, strong and to-the-point, for consumers.
What has your experience been running a black-owned makeup line in the UK?
I can truly say it has been interesting; despite my journey being premature. Here in the UK, I would definitely say there needs to be more recognition and opportunity for black-owned businesses; our market and recognition is peddling just that little harder; for that breakthrough; this is something I definitely think is possible and attainable for the brand.
Why was it important to launch this year amidst the pandemic and worldwide unrest? 
Honestly, I’ve always used this analogy when I look back at this year; with fire there is growth. 2020 has truly been a year of unrest, uncertainty and the year of the unimaginable. The pandemic for me allowed me to stop, to think, to recalibrate and to rekindle; with all that happened worldwide, to what was happening in the country I reside (the UK): it meant that I was able to have the opportunity to add to the market. My brand idea came to me last year and little did we all know what was to come for the new year.
How are your shadows different from other eyeshadow palettes at the same price point? 
Our first two palettes Dusk & Til’ Dawn are warm shimmer tones; each colour in this palette was put together for all makeup users; from professionals right down to beginners.
Each colour on the palette compliments the other and can be used to create a single or a ‘night out look.’ Dusk, in particular, has warm, shimmers and duo-chrome colours each colour in this palette was chosen with intention, and sits really well on primed or even non-primed eyelids. The shades and colours are extremely pigmented; and as a woman of colour this for me was going to be my starting point, especially when using shimmers.
I wanted to make sure that my product can be used by all, no matter makeup ability and that is exactly what I had in mind when putting together ‘Gold Dusk.’ Til Dawn the sister palette- can be used in conjunction with Dusk: even down to the shade names chosen in each palette are rich in Caribbean culture and aims to educate buyers on the names & phrases; this I do through my blog posts, which can be found on the website.
What’s one makeup trend or beauty trend that needs to be left in the past? 
Jamilla Joseph: LOL! Not setting our makeup before wearing our masks! This makes such a huge difference; using concealer first (Blending that out) then adding foundation after. Setting spray is the way forward especially when aiming to leave little to no foundation on your masks.
What’s one skincare secret you’re willing to share? 
Jamilla Joseph: Let your skin breathe. Especially as now we have to wear masks quite often, I too find myself leaving the house with less makeup on. Whilst fighting this pandemic and having to stay protected wearing less foundation; and perhaps only focusing on your eye-make up (if you want to wear something light) will go a long way.
What’s one item you can’t live without? 
Jamilla Joseph: This wouldn’t be surprising if I said: my eyeshadow palettes; but If I’m being realistic it would be my Bible.
What women inspire you? 
Jamilla Joseph: I would definitely have to start with the women in my family first; all of whom have worked extremely hard to accomplish great things. Above all my biggest inspiration would be my mother; her hard-work and determination to keep me on the straight and narrow and dedicated to my education has truly enabled me to the point of where I am in life today.
How do you manage a work-life balance? 
Jamilla Joseph: Honestly, being in lockdown made me seriously reflect on a lot of things, one of which was most definitely my work-life balance. I would often find myself at work from 7:30 and leaving work at 6:30 pm- then exhausted when I arrived home. This, for me I realised had no longevity, it took a real and true conversation with myself about how I want to work and live my life moving out of lockdown. Having those 6 months to pause and gather myself I was able to put myself into a routine whereby I now leave work earlier to ensure that my evenings are productive and balanced with time for myself and the things I enjoy.
There are probably quite a few women reading this would have aspirations of starting their own company and maybe even a cosmetic line. Do you have any advice for them? 
Jamilla Joseph: Absolutely! Have an idea on where you would like to start, if you have a passion for it it will come so naturally to you, you wouldn’t believe it! Get yourself samples before you make any decisions, do your research, do not settle until you are happy with your product. A lot of research will go into it, I can’t stress that enough.
What’s next for Sinora Beauty? What can we expect in the future?
Jamilla Joseph: There is so much more to come! I will be launching more products; all of which will be tailored to the theme and essence of carnival.
As a masquerader myself, I wish to take the brand in a direction that will tailor to all. I have to say that despite our niche the brand will also deliver products that can be used for any occasion.
For the brand, it is an honour to add to the market, especially here in the UK being another black-owned business that has risen out of such an unsettling year, has been an absolute blessing.

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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