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ogochukwu okafor

On this week’s edition of ENTREPRENEUR OF THE WEEK, we are spotlighting  the stunning Ogochukwu Okafor, 
whose brand – FRAYM Beauty and Cosmetics

is reimagining thebeauty sector in Nigeria and beyond.



Right from when Ogochukwu was a kid, make up and beauty had always been a part of her

” I was that kid that bought make up and nail polishes while my mates played with barbies and bratz dolls.”

What is your beauty brand about and how did you develop the concept?

The name FRAYM is derived from the word “Frame” which is simultaneously protective and decorative edging for a work of art.

The idea was to perfectly curate luxury formulas at an affordable price dedicated to the African woman living in Africa.

What inspired the visual branding for FRAYM products?

Luxury has always been my taste when it comes to beauty so when it came to the creation of my products I was not only highly inspired by African women but I also infused the elegance in the luxury products I had come across in my life time. I wanted every potential customer out there to feel as elegant and beautiful as my products

What has your experience been running a makeup line in Nigeria ?

Not bad to be honest, FRAYM Beauty & Cosmetics is barely a year in and we have not only made sales beyond my imaginations

but the brand has received better recognition than initially anticipated so hopefully it keeps going this way and even gets  better!

Why was it important to launch in 2020 amidst the pandemic and worldwide unrest? Is there any business strategy you had to adopt to keep FRAYM booming?

Launching in 2020 was very important to me for various reasons, one being the fact that prices for the luxury international products doubled in price and me bringing in an affordable Nigerian luxury brand would mean that us ladies don’t have to break the bank or reach too far to get the same quality of products we love

Secondly the pandemic kept us at home and more on our phones so this was perfect because it meant for visibility and conversation for FRAYM as a brand

What’s one makeup trend or beauty trend that needs to be left in the past?

Drastically long lashes for sure

What’s one skincare secret you’re willing to share?

black soap

Black Soap.

What’s one item you cannot do without? Beauty, tech, etc.

The Gym!!!

What women inspire you?

My mum and Kim K

How do you manage a work life balance?

I take it one day at a time

There are probably quite a few women reading this who may have aspirations of starting their own company, and maybe even a cosmetics line. Do you have advice for them?

Write down your all your ideas, think of the most realistic way to come bring it to life, be patient with all your formulas so you can get the best out in the market and lastly GOD! He is the author and finisher of it all

What’s next for FRAYM? What can we expect in the future

FRAYM is going to release more products till we have a complete makeup line and then we would move to skin care.


In addition to this, Ogochukwu mentioned that in the future her plan is to help budding female entrepreneurs start their own luxury brands; equipping them with skills and tips from her research and personal experience. 

We wish the budding beauty brand the best of luck with all its endeavours!

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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